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About me

Anelina Plati is a Yoga Instructor who has been practising yoga for 10 years and graduated as a Hatha Yoga Teacher from Nysy Studios yoga school in Greece, including influence from the alignment of Anusara yoga.
For the last 2 years, Anelina has been teaching the new method called Bowspring, after attending a workshop in Frankfurt in 2014 followed by a live training by the founders: John Friend and Desi Springer in the United States for 1 1/2 months in 2016.



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Kids massage

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2-8 June 2017 or 1-7 July 2017

Anelina organizes this summer in the beautiful island of Amorgos two Yoga Retreats presenting the new Technique Bowspring,suitable for people of any ages.


Nowadays, a great deal of pressure is exerted on our spine due to sedentary life, bad posture, stress and diet. This pressure causes the spine to become stiff and accumulate stress all over the body.

The Βackmitra is an effective tool which improves the body posture and reinforces the whole spine.

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