Upcoming retreats at Pelagos hotel

7 Days Refreshing Massage and Yoga Retreat in Amorgos Island, Greece

Join Anelina Plati for a relaxing and therapeutic yoga and massage retreat in Amorgos, Greece, the island of the film “The Big Blue” that was shot in 1988 with Jean Reno. She will be introducing you to a new yoga technique named "Bowspring." Furthermore, Anelina will introduce the basic therapeutic techniques for learning how to massage your beloved persons when they are in pain and gives them a sense of relief and relaxing feeling.


2 Bowspring yoga classes per day

Daily vegetarian breakfast and dinner

Holistic relaxing massage seminar

6 nights accommodation



15- 21 September 2017,

22- 28 September 2017

29 September- 5 october 2017

6 October - 12 October 2017

Pelagos hotel, Aegiali, 84008, Amorgos

Join us!

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